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As with my acrylic paintings, you are welcome to use several options in purchasing. You can buy the original, if available, directly from me (locally only), or buy a canvas wrap of them, or buy a print. All options, plus others listed, are available to you.

When you order them here, online, they get shipped directly to the location of your choice via the website. So simple!

Here are the paintings I have finished, and have for sale.

I deliberately keep them priced at the lower end so as to allow anyone who wants original art the opportunity to own it.

The AVAILABLE/FOR SALE paintings are posted at the beginning of the "My watercolors" folder. The rest have been either given away as gifts, used for fundraisers or sold.

The price list above is for only my photography or prints of originals, not my original paintings. To find the asking price for those, just click on the photo of the painting.

My paintings range in size and price. I sell only locally. I do not deliver them by mail, but I don't mind meeting you somewhere close to my home.

Thanks so much for your consideration! I appreciate you looking!

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AVAILABLE. Sunflowers. Pen and watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25AVAILABLE. Fall light in the woods. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25AVAILABLE. Wildflowers. Watercolor. 11x14 in a 16x20 Mat $50AVAILABLE. Cottage by the bay. Watercolor 10x13 in 16x20 frame. $100AVAILABLE. summer turning. Watercolor. 8x10 in 12x16 frame $75AVAILABLE. Summer day. Watercolor. 5x10 in 12x16 frame $75AVAILABLE. The Creek in Fall 10 x 13 watercolor in 16x20 frame $100AVAILABLE. English Cottage 10 x 13 Watercolor in 14x18 Frame $75AVAILABLE. California poppies. 8x10 Watercolor in 12x16 Frame. $75AVAILABLE. 8x10 Watercolor in 11x14 mat. $25AVAILABLE. Mountains. Watercolor. 10 x 13 in 16 x 20 Mat. $80AVAILABLE. Tulips. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25AVAILABLE. Buddies. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25AVAILABLE. Old Barn. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25AVAILABLE.  Cottonwoods. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat $25Given as gift. Women's retreat. To the West. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat.Given as gift. Women's retreat. Old River Cottonwoods II. Watercolor. 8x10 in an 11x14 Mat.Given as gift. Women's retreat. Watercolor. Mountain stream. 10 x 13 in a 16 x 20 Mat.SOLD! watercolor. 9 x 12 $35SOLD. colorful abstract 10 x 13 matted to 16 x 20