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Christine Pisarkiewicz(non-registered)
Lovely photos, I may paint a few in the future I will give you credit and send you a picture. Thank you for your generosity.
Mirjam Hofman(non-registered)
Hi RoseMary, I love your website!! very well done these paintings and photography is Amazing a Special way to Give Thanks to our Lord to what he has created !!!

if you ever wish to use some dog pictures from website please feel free to do so or email me for better resolutions


Susan Fountain(non-registered)
So glad you would like to paint some of the pictures I post on A Texas Girl's Favorites.....thank you....
Patti Klein(non-registered)
Thank you so much for giving permission to use your photos as reference for paintings. Your stuff is so beautiful. Such a talent
Jackie Blanton(non-registered)
This is the first time on your site thank you.
Bob Cross Photos
Rosemary, looks like it has been a year since I checked in, loved seeing your paintings they are incredible. Lots of great photos as well. Hope you are doing all doing well, take care and God Bless!
Bob Cross(non-registered)
Rosemary, been a while since I have stopped in to see you site, as always some really nice shots. Hope all is going well for you and your family, God Bless, Bob
Adrian Campfield(non-registered)
Hi Rosemary,

What a fabulous part of the world you live I an totally jealous and if I lived there you would not see me for weeks. Love youe images you should proud of them and it lovely to have got to know you a little .
Anna Williams(non-registered)
Wow! What a great job you are doing. I can see your patience in waiting to get just the right shot. Thank you for worshipping our Lord this way and causing me to worship our great Creator. Thank you for the song that is included. This is just great. I am so pleased with you!
Nice pictures. Who did your website? Here is a link to my public photos. maybe we can compare notes and do some photo shooting together sometime. Bones<>
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